Boy Disposal Unit (Original Headbirths Version) (Johnson, Bradley, Overton<)

  • Artist: The Headbirths
  • Session: How to fall without actually landing

This is the original version of Boy Disposal Unit by the Headbirths taken from their 1989 demo 'how to fall without actually landing'.

After visiting Alfreton Road for the first time, I got a tape with all their demos on (and it's in the plastic bag, hence the inclusion here) and I think after a while I really rather wished I was in The Headbirths, as it was the kind of wistful indie music that I love; over the course of the demos (and Boy Disposal Unit was very early) they had really developed their sound, had a bit of following in Nottingham, and I'm sure were close to being signed by a label of some description.

But to much constination and confusion at the time, Glen decided to leave The Headbirths and start a new band called 'Octoberine', with Will and his sister Flora and The Headbirths were no more.

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