As the days draw out...

01 Feb 2012
Me as a student in back bedroom at 42 Greville street

As the days draw out and the sun is bright and he wonders who is girlfriend will be tonight,
will she be a brunette
and tell him little white lies...
...when summer comes around.

So I went to college in Manchester and I met this guy called Matt, and I think I remember or at least this is how I choose to remember it, that we had a common like of certain records and we went to see a 'Sarah Records' night at the Hop and Grape, and I was impressed because Anne-Marie from The Field Mice was on his course, and the support band were the Foaming Beauties, which Matt used to be in when they were called 'the Summertime', but they split up, and the Foaming Beauties sang a song about Matt leaving the band, which had the lyric:

The summertime's over before it's begun,
do you think that you're the only one ?

I think this made Matt want to be in a band again and when we went back to Matt's house on Great Western Street, and talked til late with his flatmate Greg and played guitars Greg kind of said that we could be in a band, and because I couldn't play guitar very well, I could be the bass player.

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