Like the Warm September Wind, babe

26 May 2012
I'm looking at the man in the mirror

I loved the Monkees, growing up, the show was a staple of the summer holiday morning tv schedules for kids in the late seventies early eighties - and then again as a student I really got into the music again; they seem to embody just the right blend of cool and silliness; and 'Head' is a great film and I was really sad when Davy Jones passed away recently because he was forever young, in my mind, and I guess he'll stay young forever in the reruns, but it's still sort of sad and marks the passing of time, the disappearance of youth.

His story and the audaciousness of the experiment to create a beatlesesque boy band just for the american TV market is breathtaking in it's conception and success -  I am in awe of the songwriting talent they managed to pull together to make it work.

If you look at the early Colgems Monkees albums, and this is fairly true of most sixties LP's I guess, they contain the 2 or 3 tracks released as singles which are the ones you know, and then a succession of hastily written awful filler tracks, but sometimes these vinyl filling fodder contains a really great song, and I became a bit obsessed with trying to find them. 

I discovered this Boyce Hart song track on the first Monkees LP, and I loved it's simplicity, although listening to the lyrics now, they are not quite as sweet as they may seem; basically Davy Jones just wants to shag around and not go steady the loveable heartbreaking rogue.

I'm not sure I relate to some of the similes used ie 'Like the Bluebirds flying by me' or 'Like the warm September wind, babe'

Anyway the simplicity of the chords meant it was one of the first songs I 'worked out' just from listening to it, so I used to play it on the guitar quite a bit, and out of respect to Davy Jones, I've waited for him to die before I've released this version to the world. Imagine him turning in his grave like the rotating head from The Head movie promo.

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