Travelling 2nd Class Through Hope

05 Jun 2012

I Have just watched the John Cooper Clarke documentary that was on the BBC4 last week, and one of the 'Talking Heads' was the poet and tv producer Henry Normal, whom I had got to know through performing poetry in Manchester.

It reminded me that there was a reading that I had done with Henry at a bookshop in Manchester, that was recorded, and at the time of having the 4-track machine in Palatine Road, I'd put the recording of his poem 'Travelling 2nd Class Through Hope' to music.

Hmm like some kind of second class Martin Hannett.

I am even trying to play the guitar through the delay a bit like Vini Reilly. Anyway I've just rediscovered it in the plastic bag and voila!

NB: Hope is a village in Derbyshire and you do travel through it from Manchester to Sheffield.

'Travelling 2nd Class Through Hope' the poem is available in Henry Normal's collection: Nude Modelling for the afterlife available here.

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