Sunny day's in England take me back...

04 Feb 2012
The house at 42 Greville Street

I remember it was achingly hot that summer, and the sunlight streamed into the downstairs front room where we'd practice, which made me wonder why it was always so damp (slugs would leave trails across the floor overnight)

This song about Sunny Days in England kind of reminds me of the heat in that room, I think Matt even took his top off a la Paul Weller. He was quite intense. I couldn't really play the bass guitar could I ? 

So dear listener you may have reached this point and begun to wonder why I am doing this ?

It should hopefully become clear by now that, this is not some obscure genesis of a highly successful band and that this series of musings is not going anywhere, and the recording quality is not going to improve. I think also the more astute amongst you might also realise that this is Matt's band isn't it ? and I'm just sort of playing a bass I don't even own badly along to his songs, because Greg, who isn't there said we should all be in band, and I could play bass, and I'm loving every minute of it.

The thing is I really just like the songs, this was the tail end of Madchester before blur and britpop, and they really have that englishness kinks kind of quality, and the lyrics are great, I'm not saying we invented Britpop or anything, that is for others to say, but it's fairly clear we did.

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