The drummer boy

12 Dec 2012
 Receiving a tape from Glen (I have an interview in London hence A-Z)

We needed a drummer then.

'Octoberine Will' had now moved down to London along with 'illinois John', and were taking photographs of/and interviewing indie pop stars for fanzines and later the NME.

So this is when things got a bit weird as Glen said he was fed up with being in a Nottingham band, and he wanted us to be mainly based in Manchester. He thought of Clarkesville Park as being kind of 'my band' that he just played guitar in. This wasn't great for me because I was on the verge of moving to Nottingham but anyway I put up lots of those wanted posters, with the tear off strips of phone numbers all over the usual spots in Manchester, and it was the basement of Powercuts Records that hooked us a potential drummer.

Before rehearsing with us he wanted to meet us, so I met him one night; does it give too much away at this stage about how well this turns out if I say I can't remember his name ?; anyway I met him at Subway bar near Manchester Oxford Road, and he seemed a bit full of himself, but as my only criteria, was would he turn up or not, this meeting was followed up with a rehearsal at Red House rehearsal rooms, on the Rochdale Road. (New Fads also rehearsed there)

Glen came up on the train, but only for the day; we met outside Red House, but couldn't get in because it had been broken into the night before; we had to wait inside until the police came and much to their dismay I'd picked up a fire extinguisher that was wedged in the door that was used as part of the break in, thus destroying any finger print evidence.

The drummer had a Peperami and offered a bite to Glen, a strict vegetarian, which led to Glen whispering 'no this isn't the guy, he can't be in the band' but we rehearsed anyway because we were there.

The rehearsal didn't go well, the amp I had stored at Red House had been blown up by someone who'd borrowed it (I'm not suggesting it was the New Fads). The drummer hadn't heard of any of the bands on the list on the poster, which I suppose I could have perhaps discovered at the Subway bar. Glen didn't want to play any of the songs he sang on so we just ended up playing this track over and over until the drummer boy said the bass and guitar parts were too similar but he could see potential in us, at which point I think we both told him to fuck off (in our heads that is, we of course parted amicably and then never phoned him again)

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